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Happy Thanksgiving

DSC_0819 Turkey, Lantern, Pomegranate
Turkey, Lantern, Pomegranate

May you fill your belly and your spirit!  Happy Thanksgiving!


Sweet! Can Black Strap Mollasses reverse greying?

vintage hair 8.5 width 3
Vintage gray hair ( photo credit: April-Mo)

Grey hair is a traditional symbol of wisdom (when feeling optimistic)  and old age(when feeling pessimistic).  In Ayurveda, grey hair is due to excess Pitta, the fiery dosha, burning out the color in one’s hair.  Too much critical thinking and stress in the proximally located brain literally burns out the color in the hair.  Monthly trips to the hair salon can get tedious, toxic, and costly. Is there a way to reverse greying without subjecting oneself to the chemicals, expenses, and  time commitment of a salon?


DSC_0661 2

Light through bottle of Black Strap Mollasses
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A Golden Elixir for the Common Cold


Golden Elixir

As daylight ebbs and fades and shadows lengthen and stretch, the unfolding of winter is upon us. The season can evoke a gorgeous quietude –  a period of inner reflection. For many of us, however,  it is teeming with stress (holiday- related and otherwise). This sets the stage for one of the most ubiquitous ailments: the common cold.

 I find myself  coming back to his elixir time and time again. The individual spices each on their own confer astounding health benefits . Together, they are an salutary force of staggering proportion. (Please note, this recipe contains honey and honey is not to be given to children under the age of one year).  I hope this special brew helps you feel better.

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Emu oil for Eczema: Just thank the bird

emu in outback
Photo credit: Richard Gifford

My oldest son has suffered egregiously with eczema for many years. A particularly harrowing bout was when he was  2½ years old. His skin had gotten leathery, parched, and mottled. I recall one evening when we went to change his diaper and clothes, his pajamas and diaper were full of  with mysterious little black flakes.  My husband thought he had soiled himself and  his entire body with poop. The dark shavings, were everywhere, but his diaper was completely dry and the telltale scent was absent. I slowly realized that the black flakes were dead skin cells that had fallen off.  I remember that moment with equal parts horror and despair.

At that instant, I decided to try the Emu oil.  So many products promised the rapture of  soft, supple skin and we only knew too well than to put all of our hopes into a bottle (as organic and chemical free as it might be). The next morning when he awoke, I was shocked to see that his skin looked moist and dewy. His skin had not been this resplendent since he was a newborn babe!


Photo Credit: Geoff Reynolds


Historically, emu oil has been prized for its anti-inflammatory properties in aboriginal medicine.  It has been used topically for inflammatory arthritis, pain, and wound healing for centuries in aboriginal culture.  Emu oil is rich in omega-3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids. It is a potent anti-inflammatory. In animal studies, emu oil has been found to decrease inflammation and promote wound healing in superficial stage 2 burns. It actively decreases pro-inflammatory chemicals such as tumor necrosis factor- alpha in the healing tissues.  Because eczema is a condition of chronic skin inflammation, it makes sense that  emu oil can provide therapeutic benefit.

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Welcome to Vim and Fancy!

kusadama slight blur

A Kusadama (kusa = medicine, dama= ball), originally hung to clear noxious vapors (from Japan)


Welcome to vim and fancy.  My name is Neelam Misra.  Vim and fancy is a health and wellness resource  to create a  more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  It is a space that I hope is warm, welcoming, and supportive. Many posts explore emerging and ancient traditions in well-being and health. Much of the content will be replete with recipes, remedies, and insights from the traditions of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Personally, I find It especially satisfying to see age-old remedies supported by scientific research. Often the scientific details underscore an intuitive understanding long  held for centuries.


Although illness and disease can play a part in our lives they need not be a passively accepted outcome, but rather as a signal to perhaps shift our approach.  We can make choices that support our optimal health.  There are multiple diverse factors contributing to health and wellness: diet, physical activity, the impact and management of stress, emotional reserve/resilience,  adequate rest and relaxation-to name but a few.  One that I feel is especially paramount to good health is diet.

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